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 Access in the palm of your hands with web-based apps with fluid interaction, smooth design and portability.

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Artificial Inteligence

The possibilities of including AI in your organisation are limitless when building a business considering the quantity of information you have to work with.

quantum alchemy i.t. solutions
quantum alchemy i.t. solutions

Virtual Reality

Physical and digital are closer than you think, experience technology at it's finest, providing a unique experience that is best suited for your business.

quantum alchemy i.t. solutions
quantum alchemy i.t. solutions


From an idea, to a sketch, to a project started by few, to an app accessed by many, to a business wanted by all.

quantum alchemy i.t. solutions
What we do...

There isn’t really a limit of what Quantum Alchemy does in the IT world. We are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is doable today in the search for perfection and all that for you, our client.Some of the areas we are currently developing in are:IT / Web, Financial Services, Medical, and many others.
We are proudly using Amazon AWS services and solutions as a base for everything we create and that is allowing us to build robust, flexible and scalable solutions for small, medium and big companies.Some of our skills are mentioned on this page but is just a peek at what we know.

Our skills

quantum alchemy i.t. solutions

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